If you are serious about success in the legal cannabis industry, then Cannabis Conference is a can’t-miss event for you. No matter what role you have in the supply chain — from cannabis cultivator to retail operator, processor, manufacturer or consultant — or if you want to learn about or network with plant-touching cannabis operators, you’ll find how-to education, inspiration and plenty of meet-and-greet opportunities to help advance your career and your business. You’ll also find an unmatched atmosphere of connection and collaboration that allows you to discover opportunities not found anywhere else.


“Cannabis Conference was a great networking experience and really refocused me on the goals of growing our company.”

- Stephan Huber, Manager, I & I Newport


At Cannabis Conference, you’ll encounter education sessions that cover topics ranging from surviving the market downturn and finding success in a low-margin flower market to the latest in cultivation research and trends, facility design, successful go-to market genetics strategies, marketing, budgeting tips, raising capital, how to leverage customer and sales data to maximize sales, and much more.

Our market-leading advisory board of cultivators, retailers and other industry experts who live and breathe the same challenges you do every day build our program right along with us so the education you receive is spot on with what you need to help you survive and thrive in this industry.

You’ll also have access to our 85,000+ sq. ft. exhibit hall featuring products and solutions exclusively for cultivators, retail dispensaries and extraction professionals.

“I can honestly say that I felt it was one of the best conferences that I have attended. I was very impressed by the speakers, the crowd engagement and the entire Cannabis Business Times team.”

- Jon Spadafora, President, Veritas Fine Cannabis


You’ll learn from speakers and fellow attendees how to overcome the most challenging roadblocks facing your business and anticipate the changes to come and how they will impact your business and career. You’ll have the opportunity to talk with your peers and develop a network that can lead to new collaborations and partnerships. The conversations are personal, and speakers and attendees readily share details of both their failures and successes with candor. Plus, in addition to being able to ask the speakers questions at the end of most sessions, new this year will be a Genius Bar, where many speakers will be available for one-on-one time with you following their sessions.

“Cannabis Conference delivered exceptional value …. Everyone was so willing to share their wealth of experience and expertise. … Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this event that [was] nothing short of inspiring.”

- Tiphaney Helm, Owner, Smoked Greens LLC


Thousands of plant-touching professionals from across the U.S. and more than 30 countries come to explore the biggest challenges and opportunities of the legal cannabis industry. Whether they come to learn how to start up a business, how to expand their operations successfully or to find new opportunities to take their businesses to the next level, they all have one thing in common: the desire to advance their cannabis businesses, their careers and the legal cannabis industry as a whole.

Cannabis Conference hosts companies from the below industries

Business Solutions
Cash Management Solutions
Cleaning and Sanitization Products
Climate Control Equipment
Communications Solutions
Drying Equipment
Extraction Equipment
Greenhouse Components and Structures
Growing Materials/Tools
Growing Media
Humidity Control Equipment
Investment and Loan Solutions
Irrigation Equipment
Labeling and Printing
Legal Services
Marketing/Promotional Solutions
Molds and Culinary Tools
Payroll, Tax, Banking and HR Solutions
Pest Management Solutions
Retail Fixtures
Safety Products & Equipment
Security and Safes
Software & Technology
Soils and Soil Testing Products
Specialty Chemical
Storage Equipment
Supply Chain Solutions
Testing & Labs Equipment
Vehicle/Transportation Technology


and more!


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